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Sensaphone Sentinel
Cloud based 

1. Universal Inputs : 12
    Modbus inputs : 64
2. Relay output : 1
3. Alarm Notifications                     Telephone
    Mobile APP
4. WEB Monitoring
5. Battery Back Up
6. Cloud based Service
7. Subscription required


Sensaphone Infrastucture Monitoring System
IMS 4000
Expandable Enterprise Model

1. Master and Node               configuration
2. Master : 1 No
    Maximum Nodes : 32
3. Inputs : 8 per                      Master/Node
4. ip Monitoring : 64 ip         addresses per                   Master/Node
5. Alarm Notifications
6. WEB Monitoring
7.  Event and Data Logs
8. Battery Back Up
9. No Subscription.


Sensaphone Infrastucture Monitoring System
IMS 1000

1. Inputs : 8
2. ip Monitoring : 16 ip         addresses can be             monitored
3. Relay output : 1
4. Alarm Notifications
5. WEB Monitoring
6. Event and Data Logs
7. Battery Back Up
8. No Subscription.


Sensaphone 400

1. Inputs : 4 ( only dry           contact type )
2. Relay Output ; 1
3. Alarm Notification  Only             Telephonic
4. Sound Level                        Monitoring
5. Battery Back Up

V Square Messenger

Critical Alarm Monitoring System         

In today’s world, high availability of Infrastructure set up for any organisation is an utmost important and critical for its business continuity and as well for its stakeholders. Be it could be a small server room or medium to large data center or a testing lab or a manufacturing unit, several parameters need critical monitoring and notification.
V Square Messenger brings you monitoring, control of such parameters
in real time environment and use mobile technology for notification of critical alarms by way of physical calling the configured numbers and simultaneously sending the SMS and Email notification.
V Square Messenger has been designed to do all that and more.
It integrates with various sensors and provide wireless SMS and Phone alerting , remote monitoring and control. V Square Messenger is very simple to use yet
very powerful tool for monitoring critical sites.